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Marie sews silk chiffon

The Fabric Sewing with crinkle silk chiffon is possibly the most challenging substrate I have sewn with to date. I am the kind of person who can become bogged down in minor details, talk myself in circles and procrastinate on a seemingly difficult (or new) task. I was extremely lucky to have the opportunity to …

Making Moana waves with the Juki TL QVP Mini straight stitch
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Making Moana Waves

Recently, I watched the Disney movie Moana and decided to transform the primitive wave motif that appears in the movie title, into a free motion quilting line design. I like to call it making Moana waves. Regrettably, I missed Moana the first time around. Our kids had passed their Disney princess stage when Moana came …

Jen Hogg's vintage tablecloth top with Nuno fabric buttons
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Jen’s Upcycled Tablecloth top with Japanese Nuno fabric buttons

This May we saw the opening of a new Japanese sustainability and textiles exhibition, Making Nuno, at Japan House, London.  It features innovative fabrics by Sudo Reiko, one of Japan’s foremost textile designers who combines Japanese traditions with new engineering techniques and unusual combinations of materials including silk, handmade paper, nylon tape and thermoplastics. The …

swimsuit fabric on the Juki DX7
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Stitch a Reversible Swimsuit

Gathering materials Suzie got the reversible swimsuit PDF pattern from Gigi Patterns on Etsy. PDF patterns are so FAST to find. They’re easy to print and stick together and you can print them multiple times for different sizes. The main fabric, an etsy purchase from Bec’s Oh Sew Shop is a light blue swimwear fabric …

Juki NX7 sewing machine sunk into a RMF sewing table
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Marie Lawlor on Ergonomic sewing

Sewing with a disability and chronic pain is no mean feat! Often we have to be creative about reducing the physical impact of sewing on our bodies so that there is no lasting negative impact. Marie shares her insights on how to combine, healthy sewing habits with ergonomic sewing spaces. What’s wrong with this photo? …

Juki MO2000 rolled hem
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Homemade Hankies with the Juki MO 2000 overlocker

Did you know that the Juki MO 2000 overlocker does an amazing rolled hem?! We already love the air threading feature that makes this overlocker so easy to thread. But this rolled hem takes the cake. We’ve been using the rolled hem feature on the Juki MO 2000 overlocker to make homemade handkerchiefs. What’s a …