the ultimate multi-tasker

Designed with the quilter in mind, the HZL DX7 is perfect for piecing, appliqué, quilting, binding and embellishing. It’s great for dressmaking and general sewing too.

Reliable and dependable with intuitive easy-to-follow directions. The Juki DX7 is extremely versatile and unlike many other machines in the ‘I can do everything’ genre, surprisingly reliable.

For more information and to purchase the Juki HZL DX7, visit Franklins Group Ltd.

Industrial Box Feed

creating perfect stitches on all fabric types

Straight Stitch Side Plate

for precise piecing and free motion stitching

Float Function

ideal for appliqué and no-ruck quilting

287 Decorative Stitch Patterns

plus 4 fonts!

Brilliant Button Holes

industrial buttonhole foot with adjustable cutting widths

learn more about the Juki HZL DX7 with our video tutorials

tutorials and tips using the Juki HZL DX7

balloon and cloud mobile

Making Mobiles: papercraft on the Juki DX7

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Tools and Materials white and bright pastel A4 cardpaper scissors for cutting the cardboard shapesa pen or pencil for tracing the designpretty thread for stitching the mobile togethera topstitch needle…
making a wrap skirt

Making a Skirt

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Sewing tutorials and tips from the pro's. We were luckiy enough to spend some time with a seamstress recently who really helped us develop our knowledge of sewing. Cloths patterns…
Ribbon Garland on the Juki DX7

Quick Ribbon Garland

| DX7 Favourite Features, Juki DX7, Latest Articles | No Comments
While making this quick ribbon garland, I was really eager to try out a fun feature on the Juki DX7. You can set it to stitch without the foot pedal.…

My wife loves this sewing machine. It was a big step up from her beginner machine and she is busy sewing and quilting.

Michael D

This machine was purchased as gift for my wife and she loves it. This model comes with all the accessories you could ever want. The automatic button sizing shoe is incredible.

The button holes it makes are wonderful. The appliqué stitches are even and easy to select. I like that they can be adjusted for size. I have not had to adjust tension for anything, leaving it on the "Auto" setting.

Jemez M

I have fallen in love with the float option - although I don't quilt, I love that the fabric is locked in place until I decide to cut or turn. Honestly, I don't think I will ever outgrow this machine - it really is a gem.

Absolutely LOVE this machine! I have the HZL F-600 and decided to get the upgrade DX-7. I've tried many,MANY! machine models in search of the perfect machine and JUKI is it.