Juki MO2000 rolled hem
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Homemade Hankies with the Juki MO 2000 overlocker

Did you know that the Juki MO 2000 overlocker does an amazing rolled hem?! We already love the air threading feature that makes this overlocker so easy to thread. But this rolled hem takes the cake. We’ve been using the rolled hem feature on the Juki MO 2000 overlocker to make homemade handkerchiefs. What’s a …

Jen Hogg with a recycled top
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The Three R’s: Reduce Reuse Recycle

We’re at the half-way line on The Great British Sewing Bee now, and this week it’s the Three R’s: reduce, reuse, recycle.  Research suggests that you’re much more likely to wear something for longer if you make it yourself.  Maybe that’s because of the effort, or the fact it fits, or that it’s a fabric …

Award Winning Quilter Festival of Quilts 2018 Juki DX7

The Katy Whitby-Last Interview

I grew up listening to Julie Andrews singing in The Sound of Music. So I was delighted when the penny dropped and I realized that this quilt called Favourite Things was actually inspired by the Sound of Music song lyrics.  The roses blooming in my garden reminded me of this amazing quilt by Katy Whitby-Last. …