Jen Hogg's vintage tablecloth top with Nuno fabric buttons
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Jen’s Upcycled Tablecloth top with Japanese Nuno fabric buttons

This May we saw the opening of a new Japanese sustainability and textiles exhibition, Making Nuno, at Japan House, London.  It features innovative fabrics by Sudo Reiko, one of Japan’s foremost textile designers who combines Japanese traditions with new engineering techniques and unusual combinations of materials including silk, handmade paper, nylon tape and thermoplastics. The …

pinstripe wool trousers on the Juki NX7
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Hogg Hacks: Blue pinstripe wool trousers

One of the best things about the Great British Sewing Bee is that, even after the series ends, the contestants keep on giving. Jen from GBSB series 5, put together a selection of Hogg Hacks that she used while sewing these blue pinstripe wool trousers. We’re posting them on our Instagram, and we thought it …

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Stitching Bunny Baskets

We’ve been stitching bunny baskets. It all started with Jen’s super cute bunnies for mini stitchers. I made a bunch of bunnies and thought that they needed a little basket to keep them from hopping away. Then I thought that the basket could be a hidden-in-plain-sight surprise on the back of a child’s quilt. These …

a white Fleece bunny with stitched face and pink ears
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Bunnies for Mini Stitchers

We’re re-posting Jen Hogg’s wee Bunnies for Mini Stitchers. It’s a fun Spring project for sewing with the kids. Jen’s bunny recipe calls for felt and hand stitching. Further down the post, Martha offers a mostly machine stitched version using fleece. Using felt This bunny is made from scraps of felt, and is hand-stitched with …

Claudia @retroclaude
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Tools for pinning

Claudia @retroclaude has some suggestions about pinning. Use the right kind of pins Glass or flower headed pins are easier to pick up and see. They come in a variety of lengths and thicknesses. Samantha @purplesewingcloud likes these Prym Easy Grasp Pins. Taylor Seville do something similar called Magic Pins. Ball point pins When pinning stretch …