Here you’ll find everything you need to create your very own Juki Club face mask!

Free face mask downloads!

Our pattern comes in a medium adult and a medium child size. We’ve made an A4 version, the blue boxes, that serve the  UK, Europe and most countries. Just set your printer settings to A4 100% (210 X 297 mm)

We’ve also drafted an American/Canadian version that fits the paper sizes over there. To fit American and Canadian paper sizes, set your printer to letter size (8.5 X 11 inches)

Click the boxes below to download the free face mask pattern to your computer! Check your scale with a ruler after printing!

A word about computer printers. Printers vary. We have 2 computer printers in our house and they print the exact same PDF file in slightly different sizes. By slight, I mean that it varies by 1mm or 1/16 of an inch. A slight variation in size will not matter. Close is good enough.

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See Emily from Brick Dust & Glitter and her daughter Etta make Juki Club face masks together on the Juki NX7. One of the benefits of having the children home from school is that we have time to sew together.  Emily and Etta had fun making these masks. And if the children help you make the masks, they might be happier wearing them.

In this detailed instructional face mask video, Martha walks you through each step of the process. Every section is labeled so you can easily fast forward to find the part that you need.