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When it comes to simple sewing projects there is nothing we love more than whipping up a few bags. Storage bags are so useful for so much around the home and studio so we find for every bag we make we can fill it pretty quickly.

Our DX7 is our main sewing machine and I find that the basic straight stitch function works so efficiently and quick that these bags really don’t take any time to make up!

In this blog post I want to share a few tutorials and methods we have used to make some fantastic bags which we use at work and home everyday.

One Handled Bags

Emily at Brick Dust & Glitter shared an easy step guide to making these fab hanging bags. Perfect for the busy family home, the storage bags can be hung on the end of beds, door handles and chairs and can store just about anything in.

The Rifle Paper Co. Fabric looks awesome but Emily also has some vintage Cath Kidston fabric which looks classic and sweet in her home.

I have used them at home to also hold flowers in. Around Mothers day, Easter and spring time some seasonal flowers looking perfect hanging off the kitchen drawers or on the stairs. I simply put a half of a plastic bottle inside with some water in which kept the flowers fresh and hydrated.

Drawstring Wee Braw bags

Jackie used this great tutorial and her previous sewing knowledge to make the fabulous Wee Braw bags. They are a lined drawstring bag that you can add pouches and pockets too. The Rifle Paper Co. Fabric looks fantastic once again and the small details in the stripped casing fabric really makes all the colours pop!

I use these around the studio for scissors, tape measures and small tools that I don’t want to loose. They would make amazing handbag organisers, make-up bags or even small toy bags too.

Tote Bag

This fabulous tote bag blends two very different types fabric perfectly. We used the Rifle Fabric Co. Monstera leaf canvas with some soft cork fabric to make this every day tote bag. Using our own sewing knowlegde {but this is a good tutorial} we found that we were able to make up an everyday bag quite easily.

If you like the look of any of these bags check out the following tutorials to help you create them at home!

One Handled bag:

Wee Braw Bags:

Tote bag:

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