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Have Courage and Be Kind

Our lives have changed so much in the past few days. And more changes are on the way. We’re all washing hands and practicing social distancing while we enter into new ways of living that were unimaginable just a few weeks ago. Amidst all the uncertanties, I think it is important to cultivate courage and kindness.

I guess that we’re all scared. Courage doesn’t mean pretending not to be scared. We’re in a global crisis, of course we’re scared. Courage is more about what we do with our fears; how we move past them or act in spite of them. Courage can be a choice about what we think, and speak and do. Courage can become a habit, if we choose courage and keep on choosing it.

Take Stock

Besides food supplies and other essentials, we should take stock of what matters most. Perhaps we’ve not had time to consider that, but now we do. We’re going to have lots of time. Instead of panicing as we scroll through all the latest news, consider what is important to you. Focus on that.

Work within your limitations

Creativity is what happens when we come up against a limitation or obstacle. We can’t just pop to the fabric shop so we’ll have to use our stash. Working from home, social distancing and self quarantine are limiting our face to face contacts. But we can still connect on lots of social media platforms. Our Juki Club contributors will be sharing ideas, tips and encouraging words. Check us out.

Stop Scrolling and DO Something

Sometime social media just makes it worse. When that happens, walk away and do something else. There are certain activities that I can loose myself in, so that I find it almost impossible to worry. Here’s a few of the items on my worry buster list:

  • sewing – I have to say I’m really excited to have more time to sew. I have a whole stack of works in progress that have been waiting for this moment in history! I’m going to aim to sew at least 20 minutes every day. See our Juki Club blog posts for ideas and inspiration.
  • reading – I can’t worry when I’m lost in a book. We’re a bookish family so I have lots to choose from. And if I don’t have them in real life, I can always go to kindle. We’re getting our Juki Club contributors to make a list of favourite books for hard times. We’ll post them soon.
  • gardening – I’m so glad that Spring is on the way. Working in the garden with the ocassional warmth of sunshine on my face, is good for my soul. It’s good to get outside, even if it’s just the garden.
  • writing – I’m separated from lots of people that I love right now, so I’m going to engage in the old fashion habit of writing letters. I like to make fabric postcards and I’ll be making and sending them too. We have free downloadable postcards here and here that you can print out on your own computer if you’d like to give fabric postcards a try.

Focus on Kindness

Panic is all about me and my fears. But kindness focuses on the other. Focusing on others is probably the best worry buster of all. There are all sorts of practical ways to be kind to the people we’re stuck with for the next few months. It’s often about the little things; a cup of tea, a tidy, or a refusal to take offense. We can make a habit of practicing the small courtesies that will help us stay sane. We can also reach out to fill a need on social media, by words of support to a friend or stranger. The worst of times is the best of times to be kind.

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