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Meet Emily Lou Inman from Brick Dust & Glitter and get a peek into her new studio space.

 One of the joys of a new hobby is the chance to create a space to enjoy working on it. I am lucky enough that my children, at this stage, want to share a bedroom. This leaves one of our three rooms free for me to have as a little office space. It serves as a general dumping ground and a place where all our clothes drying racks also reside!  The thing is, life happens and actually if I want the downstairs living space clean and tidy, I have to accept that the one spare room we have has multiple uses!
 After a trip to the Swedish design hub known as IKEA, I came back with an extra large desk. It was just the right surface with room for my new Juki DX7 sewing machine  and a bit of extra work space to the side.  I already have a small desk in this space for my blog work, so knowing that I was adding another table to this single room filled me with fear. More stuff to fill the space, but as it has turned out, I have been able to create a studio style space which fits two desks {and washing} and enough room as a photo studio too.  As far as styling goes,  I am a fan of white, wood and rosy pinks. I wanted a large clear desk that could be decorated, or when the whole space is needed, easily cleared. The joy of this desk is that it’s made for project work. I love the one smooth surface. The wooden trestle legs are ideal for filling the shelves with fabric and decorative bits! The trestles also allow me to adjust the height of the table, so that I’m working at an optimal level. Add a few nice prints, a perfectly pink radio and a couple of plants to help clear my mind, and the space is instantly filled in the simplest of ways.
notice the adjustable trestles

It was also really important to me to blend what was already in there and not separate the two areas. My blog, so important to me, is ongoing and I wanted to keep that space as a stand alone, rather than sharing one desk for all my jobs. So to really tie the space together and make it look as if it were a complete and whole room I have introduced a rug. A huge one too that connects both areas and means that the room feels whole rather than disjointed. It brings comfort to the space and a warmth with the colour which happens to go beautifully with the simple colour scheme already.

my blogging space
the new rug
my sewing space

Until now I have always worked out of a cupboard! My sewing machine fit away nicely in a cupboard by the dining table and I would just get it out when I wanted and put everything away when I was done.  Now, that I’ve become hooked on quilting, we are sacrificing space around the house to enable me to work!

Giving myself a desk devoted to my sewing machine means that I can act on my creative thoughts right when they come my way. It means that I can use my sewing machine when I want and play if the mood takes me.

At the same time, the room remains versatile, providing a space for the different kinds of work I do. How wonderful to be able to access all my equipment easily whenever I want. Hello beautiful work space!!

My studio story is just beginning. Watch this space!

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