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Juki MO2000 QVP Favourite Features

The MO2000 QVP is JUKI’s new top of the line overlock machine.  JUKI is famous for its overlockers. New features make this the easiest overlocker ever! It’s brilliant for dressmaking and curtains. I use it for edging my quilting samples and tidying up my quilt edges prior to binding. Here are my favourite features:

  • Whoosh button air threading. It’s like magic! If you’ve stayed away from overlockers because you were worried about the threading, worry no more! The JUKI MO2000 uses an automatic airflow technology that makes it essentially self threading!

  • NEW LED screen gives a quick guide to stitch selection and tensioning. When the desired stitch type is selected, the thread tension, amount of feed, and other settings best suited for that stitch type will be displayed on the LCD screen. The machine can flexibly respond to the diverse range of changes of threads and stitches required for sewing

  • Adjustable Differential feed dial copes with any fabric from stretchy to crinkly

  • NEW closer needle-to-knife alignment allows for beautiful inside curves

  • Generous taller throat area gives more space to work and better visibility

  • LED light brightly illuminates sewing area

Jackie and I used this machine to make an apron.  I haven’t sewn clothes since I was in High School. I was so surprised how easy and fun it was. We stitched it together on the overlocker – so fast and easy! To finish it we just turned over the overlocked seam and stitched it down with the DX7 It looked great so we made another.

Jackie is so funny – she is a make do and mend gal; full of self-control where purchases are concerned. When one of the threads came loose, we looked up the threading online (because I am so pathetic!! And can’t remember.) It took less than a minute to figure out how to do it. When Jackie used the whoosh button and it threaded itself she said, “I don’t know what this machine costs, but it’s worth every penny!”

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