Sew you bought a Juki! Congratulations! You're gonna love it!

Register your machine for easier ongoing support, the more we know about when and where you got your machine, the easier it will be to help you! Even if you bought your Juki years ago or if you bought it second hand, it’s still a good idea to register your machine. Registering is easy! Just follow the link and fill in the form!

Register Your Machine

Finding the Serial Number

The registration form will ask you for the serial number on your sewing machine. Here's how to find it! Look on the back of your machine and you'll see a metalic sticker. In the photos, the blue marks show where to find the sticker. These photos show the Juki Tl QVP Mini, but the serial number is on the back, in a similar place on all the Juki sewing, quilting and overlocker machines. Each Juki machine has a unique serial number. The serial number is listed clearly on that sticker. Locate the serial number on your machine and enter it in the registration form.

Password must be at least 7 characters long.
Password must be at least 7 characters long.

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