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Juki TL QVP Mini arm height is tall like a long arm
free-motion-quiltingJuki TLQVP Mini
June 30, 2018

The Little Machine that Behaves like a long arm

Long arm quilting machines are becoming more popular and many quilters are looking for a smaller more affordable version of these amazing but expensive machines. Machine Quilting frames can provide…
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Juki TLQVP Mini
February 14, 2018

Quilting a Japanese Folk Tale

According to an ancient Japanese legend, there is an invisible red thread tied to everyone’s little finger at birth. The other end of the red thread is tied to someone…
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Juki TLQVP Mini
January 31, 2018

Thread Painting Starry Night

Starry Night is arguably  Vincent van Gogh’s most famous painting, but he considered it a failure at the time. Vincent van Gogh’s  iconic 1889 oil on canvas painting of The…
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Juki DX7Juki TLQVP Mini
January 30, 2018

Film Prop Quilt

In September 2017 Crow’s Eye Productions released a film commissioned by the Lady Lever Art Gallery and National Museum of Liverpool showing how a Lady in the 18th century got…
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