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A Rolled Hem with the Juki MO 2000 overlocker

Juki MO2000 rolled hem hankies

Did you know that the Juki MO 2000 overlocker does an amazing rolled hem?! We already love the air threading feature that makes this overlocker so easy to thread. But this rolled hem takes the cake. We’ve been using the rolled hem feature on the Juki MO 2000 overlocker to make homemade handkerchiefs.

What’s a rolled hem?

A rolled hem is a teeny tiny narrow hem that encloses the open edges of the fabric. It uses 3 threads; the upper and lower loopers and the right needle. The rolled hem is used to give an elegant finish to lightweight fabrics. We used it earlier this year to hem bridesmaid dresses. This summer we’ve been using it to hem scarves, hankies and napkins.

rolled hem on the Juki MO2000

The Juki MO 2000 has an integrated rolled hem. The rolled hem is pre-set on the MO 2000. Simply set the informational LCD screen to 13 and make a few adjustments. Initially we looked it up on YouTube! We were so surprised at just how easy it was! We’ll walk you through the adjustments below.

It’s so satisfying to run beautiful fabric through this overlocker! How glorious to be able to make your very own hankies out of your favourite fabrics. We’ll show you how to set up the Juki MO 2000 overlocker to stitch a rolled hem.

Setting up the overlocker

Setting up the rolled hem stitch on the Juki MO 2000 is super simple. Here’s how:

These settings prepare your Juki MO 2000 for a rolled hem.

Finding the fabric

Next bring on the fabric. We chose a selection of RIFLE PAPER CO. fabrics. We bought a bunch of fat quarters, trimmed the selvage edge and squared them up by joining two diagonal corners.

Finally we simply fed the fabric through the overlocker and let the machine do the magic. In just a few minutes we had a stack of hankies! As a final touch we used a drop of Prym fray check on the corners. You can read all about how we used Prym fray check when we made Christmas napkins here.

Once we made the hankies, we began to think of all the other things that we could make with a rolled hem; scarves, napkins, tablecloths, neckerchiefs, the list becomes pretty endless. You’ll find yourself wondering what to roll hem next!

Hankies for Everyone!

I whipped up a batch of hankies as gifts for family and friends. It took no time at all and the stack of hankies look so pretty! They’re great for kids too. They look super added to bags, as hair ties and neckerchiefs!

These hankies are the perfect summer accessory. I seem to be taking them everywhere with me!

rolled hem scarves on the Juki MO2000

Now, we’re on a roll! It’s so much fun, we’re hemming just about everything we can lay our hands on! Who knew that using an overlocker could be so much fun!

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