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Juki DX7 – Favourite Features

This is one sewing machine that does it all! There are so many brilliant features that it was hard to choose my favourites. But here they are.

Great line of stitching – really the most important feature! The even and steady box feeding system ensures a consistently beautiful and even line of stitching whether you’re stitching through satin knickers or several layers of denim jeans. JUKI’s industrial BOX feeding system stays in contact with the fabric longer for a consistent reliable seam, every time.

Easy to use – despite a multitude of special features, this sewing machine is easy to use. It’s so well designed that it’s intuitive. I’m not particularly handy and I got it out of the box and up and running in 10 minutes. The directions are clear and easy to follow. I’m finding out really neat new things that it does all the time. But it doesn’t scare me.

I love the needle threader. It works! It makes me happy every time I use it.

It has an automatic thread trimmer. This is so convenient that I can’t be without it.

It has a lock stitch and reverse stitch to anchor your stitches. You can choose the best one for the job at hand.

You can choose to have the needle up or down.

My favourite new feature on this machine is the float function. You can set the machine to hover when you stop stitching. This is absolutely brilliant for machine applique. I’ve been doing lots of raw-edge applique projects and this feature means that I don’t have to keep raising and lowering the pressure foot. It leaves my hands free to guide and pivot the fabric.

The float function is also fantastic for the straight-line quilting done sitting at the sewing machine that is so popular with modern quilters today. The hover function coupled with the adjustable pressure foot, keeps the multiple layers of your quilt from puckering or rucking as you stitch along.

There is a new straight stitch slide plate. Pop off the clear bobbin cover and you’ll see this little lever. You can slide the lever from the dot to the dash. The dot is for the single needle hole. The single needle hole position is perfect for piecing and free motion quilting. It’s also great for sewing delicate or light fabrics and will keep them from getting pushed inside your machine. Simply slide the front lever to the left to switch to a single needle hole! When the single needle hole plate is set, only the straight stitch patterns can be selected. When you want to do a zig-zag or any of the fancy stitches simply slide the plate back over to the dash or open position. This wider aperture allows the needle a wider range of movement. Whenever you clean the bobbin area of the machine, make sure that the lever is fully to the right in the dash or open position.

This machine does so much more, lots of fancy stitches, special feet, a really cool button hole attachment, alphabets, lots of ways to customize the stitches and a separate bobbin winder motor. It also has a nice streamlined look and a generous table.

The JUKI DX7 is the perfect machine for piecing, applique, quilting, binding, embellishing, general sewing and crafting. It’s one machine that does everything well! The JUKI DX7 replaces the HZL F600 as JUKI’s NEW top of the line computerised multi-function sewing machine.

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