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Daisies Anyone?

“Don’t you think that Daisies are the friendliest flowers?”

Meg Ryan in You’ve Got Mail

Our Sunshine Box May Flowers line design is a daisy! This is one of my favourite line designs. It looks great and it’s easy to do. Making the long thin petals is good practice for other line design too. Notice how striking the daisy pattern looks against the black. And here it looks superb as an extension of the vivid floral design already printed in the fabric.

By choosing thread colours already in the fabric, these quilted daisies fit right in; they look like they’re meant to be there.

We’ve chosen a pretty yellow tone-on-tone variegated yellow for our Sunshine Box. Just to mention a couple other goodies; there’s 2 bobbins of Bottom Line thread in our yellow and pink theme colours and a bag of silk daisies and buttons for embellishing.

Can you see the ‘eyelashes’ in the image below?

You’ll notice them especially around the curves. Eyelashes are a sign of tension problems.  This month we filmed a special section for dealing with tension issues. So if you struggle, as we all do from time to time, with tension issues, we’ve got some tips and tricks for how to get it sorted! Our trouble shooting check list will get your tension balanced and your stitching looking lovely, even around the curves.

Want to find out more? View our May Flowers Little Box of Sunshine trailer.

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