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Top Tension Tips

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Look closely and you'll see the top tension is pulling the bobbin thread to the top. We like to think of the perfect stitch as a love affair between the top and... Read More >

Quilting a Japanese Folk Tale

| Juki TLQVP Mini | No Comments
According to an ancient Japanese legend, there is an invisible red thread tied to everyone’s little finger at birth. The other end of the red thread is tied to someone... Read More >

Thread Painting Starry Night

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Starry Night is arguably  Vincent van Gogh’s most famous painting, but he considered it a failure at the time. Vincent van Gogh’s  iconic 1889 oil on canvas painting of The... Read More >

Film Prop Quilt

| Juki DX7, Juki TLQVP Mini | No Comments
In September 2017 Crow’s Eye Productions released a film commissioned by the Lady Lever Art Gallery and National Museum of Liverpool showing how a Lady in the 18th century got... Read More >

Book Quilts for Beds

| Juki DX7, Latest Articles | No Comments
I’ve been working on a Book Quilt for Emily inspired by Lynne Goldsworthy’s Magpie Books quilt featured in issue 21 of Quilt Now Magazine. I fell in love with Lynne’s... Read More >

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 Initially, we’ll be looking at the Juki TL 2200 QVP Mini straight stitch sewing machine. This is hands down my favourite sewing machine for quilting, similar to the very popular American Juki TL- 2010Q straight stitch. Although we’re featuring this particular Juki machine, much of what we show will apply to every sewing machine.


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