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Tensioning your Juki TL 2200 QVP Mini

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free motion quilting We're going to show how to get your Juki TL QVP Mini straight stitch sewing machine ready for free motion quilting. This Juki straight stitch machine has…

Stripy Table Runner

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Practice new line designs on a stripy table runner!  When you're learning something new,  start small and simple. This easy-to-piece stripy table runner creates an ideal canvas to practice new line designs.…

Creative Spaces

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Studio Stories Meet Emily Lou Inman from Brick Dust & Glitter and get a peek into her new studio space.  One of the joys of a new hobby is the…
Shop Party Bunting

Juki Club Shop Parties

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Celebrate sewing & quilting all year with our Juki Club Shop Parties. Our Juki Club shop Parties are LIVE Events so we can meet up and share our love for…

Top Tension Tips

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Look closely and you'll see the top tension is pulling the bobbin thread to the top.We like to think of the perfect stitch as a love affair between the top and bottom…

May Flowers Juki Club Shop Party
Lincoln Fabric Corner Shop
Saturday 26 May 11:00 to 4:00

Come and try Juki sewing, quilting and overlocker machines. We’ll have fun free flower projects to make and take home with you. Have a play with the Juki straight stitch sewing machine set up on our Machine Quilter frame. It’s just like a little long arm that fits in your home! There will be tea and cakes in the Craftea Cafe to finish off a lovely day.

May Flower Line Design

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